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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  September 22, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello, i'm jaycee hayward. thanks for joining us. it appears we are headed to a third straight day of losses on
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wall street. today's poor performance comes amid fears of a global recession. >> reporter: right after the opening bell rang, the dow took a nosedive, dropping more than 350 points. sinking united states stocks followed markets around the globe. investors worldwide were not impressed by the federal reserve's latest effort to boost the economy. >> i don't see how that is really going to help the market per se in the long run. >> reporter: the fed's new plan, called operation twist, will use $400 billion to try and drive interest rates down even further. that is supposed to encourage business to his borrow more money, spend more, and ultimately, hire more employees. but united states corporations are already sitting on huge piles of cash, and don't have any plans to part with it. some economists believe we are headed for another recession. that fear is keeping businesses from spending. the problem is, consumers aren't spending either. 40% of americans say they have cut back their budgets over the
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past two months. and the housing market continues to struggle. home prices are down, and interest rates are at historic lows. but loans are hard to get. economists believe the fed's new plan would do little to help housing, boost jobs or get americans to start shopping. >> getting people working again, getting them out there. and this will not do it. >> reporter: though the economy is caught in a bind, no one wants to spend until they see signs things are getting better. but the economy can't improve until consumers and businesses do just that, open their wallets and start spending again. cbs news, wall street. let's take a look at the big board. as you can see, the dow is down nearly 400 points. and that is more than 3%. president obama is hitting the road again to promote his jobs plan. the president says that his $450 billion plan is needed, in
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order to create jobs. so president obama is heading to cincinnati and the key swing state of ohio, and the home state of house speaker republican john boehner. an aide for the speaker called the president's visit a political stunt. prince mortgages county police are investigating a homicide in capital heights maryland right now, a man was found fatally shot on bening road near keith street around 4:00 a.m. he later died. police are looking for the gunman as a motive in this shooting. the driver of a scooter critically injured in an overnight hit and run accident unfortunately has died. this happened on rockville pike on route 28. montgomery county police closed the pike down in both
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directions. it made for a terrible morning commute. >> reporter: the helmet of a scooter driver in the middle of the rockville pike. his scooter, about a mile down the road, still stuck to the car that hit it. that was the gruesome scene montgomery county police responded to around 1:30 thursday morning. the scooter had been heading north on the pike when it was struck from behind by the buick. the male driver of the scooter hit the buick's window, before being tossed to the ground. but the driver of the car just kept going. >> the operator of the buick continued north for approximately one mile, until he was stopped by police. and the scooter was still attached to the front of the buick at that time. >> reporter: the driver of the scooter was rushed to the hospital, where he later died. the driver of the buick is in police custody. >> we are interviewing him, trying to get as much information as possible about what happened. >> reporter: also trying to figure out what happened was the accident reconstruction team. their investigation shut down the pike in both directions for most of the morning rush. it made for an ugly commute for
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montgomery county drivers. as for the driver of the buick, he is being tested for drug and alcohol use and he could be facing a hit and run charge once the investigation is complete. >> he did not remain on the scene. police stopped him a mile away. i don't know what was in his mind. >> reporter: in rockville, kristen fisher, 9news now. police say the 30-year-old roberto that'ser was behind the wheel of the buick that struck and killed charles dalton of penn. investigators have uncovered a scheme involving fraudulent unemployment checks allegedly mailed to a member of the supervisor's family. the former supervisor is gabby fraser and she is active in dc politics, especially in ward 8. she is a democrat. we asked the director of employment services whether the
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fraudulent investigation is limited to fraser and the response was, she wasn't sure. they were turning over information to the city's inspector general. the maryland transportation authority is expected to approve a slate of toll hikes. tolls on the pay bridge and the harry nice bridge are expected to go up to $4 in november and then up to $6 in 2013. the hikes are less than the ones originally planned. the republican presidential candidates square off in another debate tonight at 9:00 in orlando, florida. the event is co-sponsored by fox news and google. the two officers charged with beating a university of maryland student have exemplary performance records, according to the president of the prince georges county police union. who can forget the rowdy celebration that took place in college park in march of 2010?
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officers james harrison and reginald baker are under indictment for the beating of john mckenna. mckenna was among thousands celebrating maryland's basketball victory over duke that night. the justice department is also investigating. prince georges county police detectives canvassed neighborhoods in forestville last night. they are looking to solve two sexual assault cases. in one instance a woman was grabbed, but she escaped her attacker. in the other incident, the victim was dragged into a wooded area and then attacked. officers handed out flyers in the townhomes on wild rose court and also at a nearby shopping center. the man shot during an armored car robbery in northwest washington, unfortunately, has died. detectives are talking to witnesses about yesterday's shootout that occurred in front
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of a cvs in northwest washington. bullets started flying when two men tried to rob an armored car. one of the robbers is still on the run. guards, however, shot the other robber in the head, and he died. no one else was injured. the once controversial muslim center, which is two blocks from the world trade center site, has opened its doors. park 51 is open to people of all faiths, and it includes a 9/11 memorial. some say that the mosque is an insult to the september 11th victims and they are fighting the developer in court. still to come when 9news now continues, find out how tropical storm lee is lending a hand to novice and professional archaeologists. and we have details on the two americans who were once
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what they do with it, well, that's their business. oh, that explains a lot, actually. [ chuckles ] [ male announcer ] another reason people switch to state farm. aw, i could've gotten a falcon. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. [ falcon screeches ] a new report from environment maryland, washington and baltimore have some of the highest smog. >> reporter: our report also finds residents in the dc metro
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area, including virginia, were exposed to air quality that made it dangerous to breathe on 33 days last year. >> environment virginia outlined the conclusions of their report yesterday in arlington. the researchers believe that the problem is actually worse than previously believed because of outdated air quality standards used in prior reports. some bge customers were left without power for days after hurricane irene and now, they may end up paying for it. literally. bge says that 750,000 customers lost power for an average of 37 hours, and it cost $81 million to get the power back on. the utility may end up passing that cost along to customers. however, before they do that, it has to be approved by the maryland public service commission. coming up next, howard in
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the forecast. >> reporter: turning out to be a decent day. flood watches up. and good news bad news on the allergy update. as we look at it, we are absent all the trees and the grass. but mold is high. our forecast for the 7-day when 9 news now returns.
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the two american hikers released from prison in iran are spending their first full day as free men in over two years. they will soon leave oman, and head home to the united states. tina cross has more on their taste of freedom. >> reporter: the freed hikers are spending a quiet day with their families after a night of overwhelming celebrations. shane bauer and josh fattal were freed wednesday after being jailed as spies for 782 days in iran. >> we are so happy we are free and so relieved. >> reporter: the reunion was especially emotional for shane bauer and his fiance, sarah. she was also jailed on spying charges. iranian authorities released her last year, but the men had to wait one more. >> two years in prison is too long. >> reporter: their freedom came on the eve of the iranian
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president ahmadinejad's speech to the united nations general assembly. he has tried to claim credit for the pair's release. but the sult tan of oman, paid $1 million in bail. >> our deepest gratitude goes to his majesty for obtaining our release. >> president obama is thrilled with the news but, like the rest of his administration, believes the hikers never belonged in jail. >> they have a chance to reunite with their families and decompress. >> reporter: there is no word yet when the men will leave for america. family members in the united states say after two years of uncertainty, they are just thankful to know the men are coming home. >> the hikers were arrested in july of 2009, near the iran/iraq border. they say they got lost and
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wandered into iranian territory. if you dig for dinosaur bones you probably already know about the dinosaur park in laurel, maryland. but did you know about a big discovery there? dave hacker, of silver spring, likes to hunt for fossils. and following tropical storm lee, he came to an open space, he said he knew he had a good chance of finding something after the storm washed away tons of soil and clay. >> it appears like a limb bone, an armor leg bone. >> experts from the smithsonian were brought in to help dig out the bone. they suspect that it actually came from a plant-eating dinosaur that roamed maryland 12 million years ago. and about nine other smaller fossils have been discovered
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since the storm. neat. >> reporter: weatherwise we are going to get more potentially heavy rains as we head into the day tomorrow. a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. today, pretty quiet. got sunny breaks there. but with the heavy rain potential tomorrow, the national weather service about a half hour issued a flash flood watch for much of the metro. that goes friday morning through friday night. it does not include calvin and st. mary's, the flash flood guidance, the amount of water needed to cause flooding, is not as high there as it is, let's say, around the metro. we have high water from irene and lee hammered us not that long ago, so it is not going to take that much potentially to cause flooding tomorrow with the heavier rains. today decent, compared to what we have been. partly to mostly cloudy. pushing the 80-degree mark. slight chance of a shower here and there as we go through the afternoon and evening hours.
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looks as if maybe even lighter showers. overnight the rain showers will pick up. 9:00 still at 73 degrees. a couple of showers this morning, drizzle, fog. once you look at the satellite midday here, seeing some of the darker areas, you see the sunny breaks, the light areas reflecting the sunlight. there is a stray sprinkle going on now. temperatures into the upper 60s. low 60s in the than endoa-n in the than endoa-- in the valley. officially reagan national a little bit of wind off the water, holding at 73 degrees, pressure 30.12, dropping. and the dew point way up there, 69, feeling kind of sticky outside. part of the problem for us is this storm system out of the great lakes. you see this piece of energy coming through oklahoma and
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missouri with the showers stretching out from really north texas into illinois. that piece of energy is moving east. moisture is flowing in from the gulf, across georgia, south carolina, north carolina. they are going to come together to produce hefty rains in spots, generally south and east of town through philly and parts of the northeast the next couple of days. by the afternoon, we should see showers redeveloping southern maryland, scattered showers, tomorrow morning watch the surge of moisture northward on top of us, during the day friday, areas of moderate to heavy rain in spots, we'll see this try to clear out a little bit as we head toward saturday. saturday and sunday night is active. today 18. may see a shower or two before the afternoon is out. tomorrow numerous, a lot of showers and storms, 76 degrees tomorrow, saturday partly to mostly cloudy, 82. could be a couple of showers saturday afternoon.
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as we head toward sunday, still a chance for a storm with the temperatures there. monday looks dry for a change. speaking of thursday at noon, you know it is pet line 9 time. this is julianna williams from the pet society. >> any kayla, kayla is a little bit scared. she is a two-year-old. she came to us because her owner's landlord wouldn't let them keep her. they only had good things to say about her. >> kayla is a big girl. >> yeah, she is a little bigger. but once she gets some exercise. >> the cameras move by themselves and that is speaking her. >> once they gets exercise she will be much happier. >> reporter: how long have you
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had her? >> since the beginning of the month. >> reporter: you have to hopefully have a yard. >> definitely. she would be a great walking running hiking partner for anybody. absolutely. >> reporter: how can folks contact the human society? >> go to our website at humanedottedorganize. and kayla's numbers is 138. >> reporter: check out the website or check out our website we'll be right back with more 9news at noon in just a moment. [ screaming ]
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we need to correct an error in our story about this morning's fatal crash on rockville pike. roberto nassau was the man who was killed. and dalton is the man who struck him. we regret that error. holy cross hospital is holding a special event. i'm the mistress of ceremonies, and i'm really excited about participating. >> we are excited too. >> thank you. yolanda is the hospital spokesperson. i came out. >> i missed you that day yeah. >> i learned holy cross is one of the largest hospitals in our area and has a lot of great things about it. >> you just said it all. it does have a lot of great things about it. we are getting big and better and that is part of the money
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being raised this weekend, we have got a new tower that is going on our silver spring hospital and we are building a new hospital in german town. that is very, very exciting. >> that is on the campus of montgomery college. >> yes, it is. >> the first hospital in that county in what? over 30 years. >> you know all of this stuff. that is excellent. >> i'm excited about it. >> we are really excited about serving that segment of the population in the northern county. because a the although of those people come to holy cross hospital. they drive all the way down to holy cross hospital to get service. now they don't have to do that with the hospital right in their neighborhood. >> it is going to be a wonderful celebration. people who come will be able to maybe win a car. >> i have to read this because i can't remember. it is a 2012 lexus ct 200 hybrid. tickets are $100, but if you already have a car and you don't want this fabulous car, you can
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take the money. $25,000. so either way, it is pretty good. >> it is going to be saturday. go to our website wusa we'll have more information about the holy cross event. and of course, i have to remind you to go to my website, it is full of information about events around town, about my charity work. jaycee have a great day and come back with us at 5:00.
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